Mobile Advertising Wearable - MAW


MAW Usecase Diagram


The Mobile Advertising Wearable use case can be decribed as follows:  

[A] Business Advertiser (actor) is interested in attracting customers to his Business Local.He/She accesses our system to specify an advertisement (Ad message) and associated parameters (day, time, duration, Venues).

[B] System dispatches the advertisement message to a nearby Wearer in the desired Venue or directs Wearer to walk around making themselves visible to Viewers.

[C] System verifies MAW is functioning and on Wearer tracking GPS, then sends advertising message to MAW displaying the Ad for Viewers to see.

[D] Viewer has seen the Ad message and is motivated by it to go to the Business Local and avail themselves of the product or service of the Advertiser.

[E] System charges a "Subscription Fee" to the Advertiser of the Local Business for our Advertising service which brings in new customers.  System also pays Wearer for their work done. 


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