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This latest research allows for the possiblitiy of using the ESP32 chip (which I believe is cheaper) along with a Atmel Arduino M0 (to provide access to the Adafruit Neopixel libraries and have enough memory for animations) for a reduced cost circuit with the same functionality as the one we are currently using . . .

Here are the relevant links:


Flexible Displays:  1X AND 5X 256 5050 LED RGB 16*16 Matrix WS2812 Individually Addressable Pixel Panel 5V




Older research




4. Use location-based services to attract passersby


You don’t have to be a tech wizard to promote your small business using mobile apps that target consumers in the vicinity of your business. Groupon, Living Social, FourSquare and ThinkNear among others let you post information about your latest offers and limited-time deals to consumers within a certain distance of your business. You can also schedule deals to get delivered during key hours, for example, if you’re looking to boost foot traffic during off-peak times.


5. Engage old customers in new ways


It’s always refreshing when a store or restaurant you’ve frequented for some time starts doing something new. And thanks to the power of social media, doing something new or different and doing it well can quickly go viral.


So think about ways you can get the attention of older or existing customers. It could be as simple as offering a new type of discount (it may sound obvious, but offering something of value at a discount for a limited period of time can be attention-grabbing) or letting customers know about a new product or service you’ve added.


A straight-out sale is always a great way to bring old customers out of the woodwork. If your business is service-oriented, consider offering a referral fee to existing customers who bring in new clients for you.









Funnel potential customers into nearby businesses who advertise with us by Using a wearable display with targeted ads.  These businesses will be retail shops such as:



Category: Food & Drink







Ice Cream Shop


Salad Place


Cocktail Bar




Coffee Shop




Sandwich Shop









The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. NAICS will reshape the way we view our changing economy.


NAICS was developed jointly by the U.S., Canada and Mexico to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity across North America.


The retail potential database consists of average household and total market potential estimates by each of sixty-eight retail store types. The store types are based on the NAICS classification and are listed below:




44111 New Car Dealers


44112 Used Car Dealers


44121 Recreational Vehicle Dealers


44122 Motorcycle and Boat Dealers


44131 Auto Parts and Accessories


44132 Tire Dealers


44211 Furniture Stores


44221 Floor Covering Stores


44229 Other Home Furnishing Stores


44311 Appliances & Electronics Stores


44312 Computer Stores


44313 Camera and Photography Stores


44411 Home Centers


44412 Paint and Wallpaper Stores


44413 Hardware Stores


44419 Other Building Materials Stores


44421 Outdoor Power Equipment Stores


44422 Nursery and Garden Stores


44511 Grocery Stores


44512 Convenience Stores


44521 Meat Markets


44522 Fish and Seafood Markets


44523 Fruit and Vegetable Markets


44529 Other Specialty Food Markets


44531 Liquor Stores


44611 Pharmacy and Drug Stores


44612 Cosmetics and Beauty Stores


44613 Optical Goods Stores


44619 Other Health and Personal Care Stores


44711 Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores


44719 Gasoline Stations w/o Conv. Stores


44811 Men's Clothing Stores


44812 Women's Clothing Stores


44813 Children's' and Infant's Clothing Stores


44814 Family Clothing Stores


44815 Clothing Accessory Stores


44819 Other Apparel Stores


44821 Shoe Stores


44831 Jewelry Stores


44832 Luggage Stores


45111 Sporting Goods Stores


45112 Hobby, Toy, and Game Stores


45113 Sewing and Needlecraft Stores


45114 Musical Instrument Stores


45121 Book Stores


45122 Record, Tape, and CD Stores


45211 Department Stores


45291 Warehouse Superstores


45299 Other General Merchandise Stores


45311 Florists


45321 Office and Stationary Stores


45322 Gift and Souvenir Stores


45331 Used Merchandise Stores


45391 Pet and Pet Supply Stores


45392 Art Dealers


45393 Mobile Home Dealers


45399 Other Miscellaneous Retail Stores


45411 Mail Order and Catalog Stores


45421 Vending Machines


45431 Fuel Dealers


45439 Other Direct Selling Establishments


7211 Hotels & Other Travel Accommodations


7212 RV Parks


7213 Rooming and Boarding Houses


7221 Full Service Restaurants


7222 Limited Service Restaurants


7223 Special Food Services and Catering


7224 Drinking Places








potentially we want unique local businesses, not store chains, unless it is a private franchise which has control of their own marketing.




Objective review of Survey questions:



anybody who depends on foot traffic for customers and retail and service walkins

what kind retail

possible change #5 advertiser from frustrating to challenging

5 and 6 generality

viewer is there anything else we should ask?



general link on surveys



Are there ways to increase our efficiency in the survey process without compromising quality?


What do investors want to see in a survey?