Prototype Characteristics

Prototype: Single 8x8 Neopixel Matrix 64 LEDs





1.  Highly visible from a distance when on and worn in normal and darker lighting.


2.  Easily attracts peoples attention from a distance and nearby.


3.  Wow factor, cool factor, allows people wearing it to stand out.


4.  Emoji and other animated characters are a conversation piece.  Example:  a beating heart that says "I (heart) U!"  or basically "I Love You!" for Valentines Day.





Does not scroll text well because window of chars is small, 1.5 chars visible at one time.  As opposed to 4 (four) displays which have a window of ~ aprox.  4.5 - 5 characters.   Most words are 5 characters long, which allows a person to read the scrolling text one word at a time.  With a single display they must construct each word out of single characters before they can, in their mind understand the word.  This is much more difficult.  And for old individuals can be is even more difficult, based on their cognitive reading and comprehension speeds.


Must use a battery, so you may have to charge a battery. In which case battery safety becomes a RISK. The is a possibility to use regular non-rechargeable batteries, thus reducing the cost of the unit.