Prototype Hardware and Coding Info


IMPORTANT NOTE: use the AVRISP mkII for the programmer selection in the Arduino IDE

ALSO IMPORTANT: when connected to the computer with USB cable uncomment (take out //) the following code, when disconnected form the cable comment out (put in //)

The 1687 line may change positions as code is added or deleted from source in the normal process of code source change, just fine the line whatever its line number is...

 1687   //while (!Serial);  // required for Flora & Micro


Hardware Board

Cheaper 8x8 Matrix Display






1. Add all the necessary Adafruit and GFX libraries to your Arduino IDE 1.6x link


2.   a) Install the right Board "Adafruit Feather Bluefruit MO" for the IDE link


      b)  *********  THIS IS THE BOARD YOU WANT link $29.95




3.  IMPORTANT Note: useful information to avoid frying your neopixel display on page #30



4.  *********  THIS 8x8 Neopixel DISPLAY IS THE ONE YOU WANT



5. 8x8 Matrix animator, remove delay value to insert code into routine => DisplayAnimationMap(); in file poketpixelTXTuart.ino note BluefruitConfig.h is in another tab on the IDE.... CODE attached below... Ask for help if you get stuck.  Setup is not trivial.