Next Steps To Validate Product

As discussed, here are what our next steps should be -


We should test this one panel out in the market now. This can be done by talking to at least couple shops keepers to showcase this and evaluate the public interest. The timelines for this testing would be valentines day as it would be a great opportunity. That day would be an excellent option to do a soft launch as mid-February days are not much longer (dark evenings and nights are better for the product) and this I would be a great time to validate the product as people do loosen their wallets during this time.


Here are the things that we should look into in the next couple /few weeks-


  • Emojis and Animations pre-configured.
  • Develop basic custom app with features like - text speed, color. - 
  • Usage instructions 
  • Product disclaimer
  • Find couple shop keepers in SF who would keep the product and gather the feedback.
  • Finalize MMF (Minimal marketable feature) that can actually be displayed in the store.
  • Anything else??


Here is the LED app I tried in starbucks today - just search for LED on your app store and it would bring a bunch of free apps that u can play with.