3 Ring MVP


Ok "this3 ring widget idea" would not have scrolling letter capability but would be very visible and mesmerizing too look at :


three rings each one inside of the other using a very cheap processor to control and a BLE to phone app chip


The priceon these WS2812B neopixel rings is low from alibaba


the code for programming them can be smaller and the processor needed to control them much cheaper


as proof, here is an example adafruit project that i'm sure costs can be reduced even further...




=============== parts













================ have to include the BLE and powering options, cheap as I can get and have a hardware product which can be crafted with off shelf prices out of Alibaba China. 


BLE ( $17.50 ) to an app that can choose different mesmerizing patterns





============= Email Discussion +++++++++++++


My thoughts -


Well its can be good add on to the product suite but cannot be the actual MVP as it does lot less than what we were initially thinking about.


The text scroll and communication is a good feature and this is not replacing it. The 8X8 fits with fashion and communication.


The only value this rings would provide is as a safety device while riding a bike or such. Cant think about any more value that this can provide.






My thoughts as well ....



It communicates attention and not text.  At parties and night clubs as a conversation starter.  It is fun and phone controllable.  So a round circle with velcro on the back to attach to bags, clothes, etc. It might be possible to gamify...


A simple flashing led already has been done.  Safety is an option, but I don't want to compete in that market directly.


It might be more money than some would want to pay and they might get tired of it after a while and loose interest.  or they might show it to friends who will want one.  Hard to tell gain unless we try it.  it could be a lead in to the more expensive square version and then the much larger scroll-able.    Not sure, just thoughts after the analysis on part costs.


Thanks, -M